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We are partner with Koalafi who offers zero-stress financing for customers from all financial backgrounds. Whether you have excellent or no credit, Koalafi makes fixing your car accessible through instant decisions, clear and simple terms, and flexible monthly payments.

Why Choose Koalafi?

Koalafi is a pay-over-time provider offering lease-to-own payment plans. With Koalafi, customer is able to split larger purchase into smaller, manageable payments.

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Easy Application Get Decision in seconds

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High Chance of Approval

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No Hidden fees, No surprise

Frequently Ask Questions

Am I a good fit for Koalafi?

Koalafi offers lease to customers who are still building credit. You do not need credit to e eligible for a Koalafi lease. Our technology allow us to make more informed decisions about applicants, resulting in high approval rates.

What do I need to apply?

At the time of application, you will need to have your personal information, income details, bank and debit card information, and initial payment.

How long does the approval process take?

Applications are considered right on the spot and approvals usually take less than 10 seconds.

Is there an application or processing fee?

There is not an application fee associated with Koalafi loan product. For lease-to-own product, at the time of submitting an application, a temporary hold of $59 or less will be placed on your credit card. This will process as your initial payment at the time of signing. If you choose not to proceed, this hold will be released.

Still want to know more about Koalafi?

You may apply in person at our shop or submit the application through the button below.
Quality Diagnostics is partner with Koalafi who provides financial products, Koalafi is an independent financial company. Please read all terms before sigh up any contract. All question and answers above are content from Koalafi website.