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Cooling System Services

The function of the cooling system is to maintain a safe operating temperature for the engine. This is achieved through a closed circuit that circulates coolant stored in the expansion tank. The water pump drives the coolant through hoses to the engine, where it absorbs heat as it passes through passages in the engine block. The heated coolant then returns to the radiator, where it cools down before being recirculated. To prevent the system from freezing in cold temperatures, coolant is sometimes referred to as antifreeze. Additionally, the coolant also circulates to the car’s heater core, which can warm up the air that enters the cabin and keep passengers comfortable. If necessary, a cooling flush can be performed to maintain the effectiveness of the system.

If your car is overheating, don’t risk damaging your engine – give us a call for cooling system services. Remember, it’s always better to pull over and get help than to keep driving and make the problem worse.

What We Do

Our abilities extend to both domestic makes and models. Regardless of what you drive,  we’re equipped to fix it.

We provide our drivers with a full range of routine maintenance services, as well as repairs. Plus we are able to offer specially diagnostics to ensure the right repair! 


We accept most Extended Warranties!

Have a hard time finding a place to bring your car for extended warranty? Don’t worry, we accept most extended warranties. Give us a call or just stop by any business hour, let us be your representative, we will talk to your warranty company and maximize your benefit. 

We are proud of our team’s professional and reliable,  we treat our customer’s car as our own.

Our Costumer Say

Really great experience. I have a very old car with lots of "quirks". The Quality Diagnostic folks took a look, sorted out what was wrong, explained what would be fixable, and what would be possible to just let go and live with without repairs. I appreciate that they gave me all my options and helped me make an informed choice without trying to convince me to put more money in repairs into my old reliable car than it's worth. They fixed up my breaks in record time and their prices are reasonable. Thumbs up!
Dana Asbury
I have been taking my car here since I had it. They do good work they get you in any tell you the problem in I love most they call you in tell you the price before they do anything as far as work on the car. This is major for me some places just take it upon there selves in do the work it might be thousands of dollars in if I’m paying out of pocket let me decide to say yes. They are very convenient I have never called in had to wait weeks to take my car in.
Sakisa Shelton

Diagnosis and Repair

Let our team of experts get to the bottom of your auto troubles with an in-depth diagnosis. We will deliver the right repair to make sure you're back on the road fast. Contact us today.